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creep properties of modified 9 cr

"Creep, Fatigue and Creep-Fatigue Interactions in Modified

Sep 08, 2016 · Grade P91 steel, from the class of advanced high-chrome ferritic steels, is one of the preferred materials for many elevated temperature structural components. Creep-fatigue (C-F) interactions, along with oxidation, can accelerate the kinetics of damage accumulation and consequently reduce such components' life. Hence, reliable C-F test data is required for meticulous consideration of

(PDF) Long-term creep behavior of 912%Cr power plant

Although reductions in test piece cross-section dur- The final part of this paper deals with detailed micro- ing the later stages of the creep test are largely structural investigations of new chromium martensitic responsible for the increased rates of creep strain TAF 650 steel of the 9 12%CrMoV steel class to due to an increase in the applied stress, the evolution explain the marked decrease of its creep strength after of creep rate is also connected with the microstruc- long-term creep Advances in welded creep resistant 9-12%Cr steels (October In creep rupture tests at 538°C on tubular modified 9%Cr-1%Mo specimens, a progressive reduction in WPCSR from 0.94 to 0.93 to 0.90 for rupture times of 10 1, 10 3 and 10 5 h, respectively, was reported by Blass et al. In a study of grades E911, 91, 92, and 122 weldments, in the UK-funded Fourcrack programme, it was concluded that the weldment creep rupture strength 'falls towards a floor value of


Aug 07, 2008 · The main industrial requirements of the new 9-12 %Cr advanced steels are the high creep strength combined with an acceptable level of creep plasticity and good corrosion resistance. At the present time, the modified 9-12 %Cr steels seem to be the best positioned and suitable to be used for the (re)construction of USC power plants and for the components working under creep conditions (at Creep rupture properties of dissimilar metal weld between Sep 09, 2019 · Creep test results of the DMWs and creep rupture data of 9Cr BM [ 25] are shown in the double logarithmic in Fig. 2. It is reported that 10 5 h creep strength of Inconel 617B was up to 265 MPa at 600 °C [ 26 ]. Hence, the creep strength of the DMW is lower than that of 9Cr BM and Inconel 617B.

Creep-Fatigue Interactions in a 9 Pct Cr-1 Pct Mo

Feb 01, 2009 · Creep-fatigue (CF) tests are carried out on a modified 9 pct Cr-1 pct Mo (P91) steel at 550 °C. These CF tests are strain controlled during the cyclic part of the stress-strain hysteresis loop and then load controlled when the stress is maintained at its maximum value, to produce a prescribed value of the creep strain before cyclic deformation is reversed under strain-controlled conditions. Development of Small Punch Tests for Creep Property Jul 01, 2000 · A small punch creep (SP-C) testing technique using miniaturized specimens has been demonstrated for evaluating creep properties and material deterioration due to thermal aging. This technique has been applied to tungsten-alloyed 9%Cr ferritic steels.

Effect of Creep Exposure on Microstructure and

creep tests at 923 K and at stress levels of 100, 120 and 140 MPa The creep tests have been interrupted at different periods to assess the change in the microstructure and mechanical properties. Effects of Precipitates Evolution on Low Stress Creep Oct 18, 2018 · Long-term creep behavior of 912% Cr power plant steels . Mater. Charact. 51, 3548 (2003). Article Google Scholar 18. Yoshizawa, M. et al. Effect of precipitates on long-term creep

Effects of microstructure on material properties of

Jan 15, 2015 · Abstract The creep-fatigue properties of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel were studied to elucidate the effects of the microstructure on specimens deformed by fatigue and creep-fatigue via stress holding for 30 min at 550°C. First, creep-fatigue behaviors up to 7.8% nominal strains were obtained with respect to the deformation conditions. Evolution of Laves-Phase Particles in a Low Carbon 9%Cr The evolution of microstructure in low carbon heat resistant steel of P92-type modified with 3%Co was examined during creep tests at 923K for 500, 1500, 6000 and 16000 hours. After tempering at 1023K (750°C), the steel was composed of martensite lath structure with numerous precipitates of MX-type carbonitrides and rare M23C6-type carbides.

Experimental Investigation of Creep Behaviour in Ferritic

Ferritic 9-12% Cr steels designed for elevated temperature service have been recognized as a key at higher temperatures than low alloy steels such as 1Cr-0.5Mo or 2.25Cr-1Mo steels. An improvement in the mechanical properties of modified 9Cr-1Mo The creep tests were interrupted at Gamma Prime Morphology and Creep Properties of Keywords:creep, platinum group metals, lattice misfit Abstract The microstructure and creep properties of platinum group metal (PGM) modified nickel based superalloys have been investigated. Alloys containing Pt and/or Ir along with variations in Cr, Ta, Re, Ru, and W exhibited relatively high solidus and liquidus temperatures.

Influence of Extra Coarse Grains on the Creep Properties

Jan 22, 2004 · Coussement, C., Witte, M., and Backer, T., 1992, Weldability and High Temperature Behavior of the Modified 9%Cr Steel Grade 91 Tube and Pipe Base Materials and Weldments, Proc. The Manufacture and Properties of Steel 91 for the Power Plant and Process Industries, ECSC Information Day, Ed:J. Orr, Dusseldorf, Germany, Paper 4.3. Investigation on Creep Properties of Welded Joint of The creep rupture behavior of weld joint of modified 9Cr-1Mo martensitic heat-resistant steel is investigated by conducting creep tests. The creep strain-time curves of 838K under different stress levels are obtained. The effects of different stress conditions on the creep rupture lifetime are analyzed. Based on the creep test data, the relationship between minimum creep rate and stress, creep

Microstructural Evolution During Long Term Creep Tests of

Aug 20, 2009 · Short creep tests (elaborated with time-temperature-parameter methods, i.e. Larson Miller equation) usually give an over-estimation of the long-term creep properties of 9%Cr steels. The results of the creep assessments of Grade 92 (Japanese NF616) are an example of the significant lowering of the creep properties:the creep resistance of this Microstructural Investigation of Aged Modified9Cr-1Mo Modified 9Cr-1Mo steel has been in use for such applications since a decade. For any given material, along with the mechanical properties, there is a need to determine the creep property if the material is the choice for high temperature service applications.

Microstructure and long-term creep properties of 912% Cr

TY - JOUR. T1 - Microstructure and long-term creep properties of 912% Cr steels. AU - Hald, John. PY - 2008. Y1 - 2008. N2 - Advanced microstructure characterisation and microstructure modelling has demonstrated that long-term microstructure stability in 912% Cr steels under technical loading conditions is equivalent to precipitate stability. Relationship between Creep Strength and Magnetic In this study, the relationship between changes in the magnetic properties and creep strength with the addition of 3 or 6 mass% Co was investigated for ferritic steel containing 15 mass% Cr. Co addition up to 6 mass% hardly contributed to solid solution strengthening or

The role of Mo and W on the creep properties of 3 and

(9Cr1.6W0.3MoNbVNB). Creep properties of the steel P91 is much higher than that of the original steel P9 (9Cr1Mo) due to addition of V and N. Much effort has been devoted to improve the creep resistance of the advanced P91 steel. It was believed that W increases the solid solution strengthening (E911, P92) and the addition of B improves the creep rupture strength of modified chromium steels, as well (P92).Creep properties of modified 9 Cr-1 Mo steel - UNT Digital May 31, 2020 · Data analysis and comparisons have shown that modified 9 Cr-1 Mo alloy is very insensitive in response to several material variables, heat treatments, and specimen design variables. Creep properties of modified 9 Cr-1 Mo steel, an alloy significantly improved in elevated-temperature strength over 2 1/4 Cr-1 Mo and other similar alloys, are presented here.

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